Precious Gift of Parenting

Parents deserve a growth mindset parenting philosophy, rather than traditional practices built upon fixed mindset. - Neha

I am a special needs educator by profession and mom to two beautiful little children. I have been working passionately with kids and their families, in the field of child development, education and empowerment for over a decade now.  I am a co –founder of an NGO working  for children with special needs. I’m honored to be able to say that through my NGO Sai Sweekar Child development center, we have been able to impact lives of over hundreds of children and their families through services ranging from screening, assessments, early intervention, individualized education plans,  parenting trainings, sibling workshops, language and communications development programs and many more. 
I strongly believe that after becoming a parent I developed an even better insight as an educator. For becoming a parent helped me to be more aware, conscious, empathic and  present person than I was before.