Special Educator

I believe we parents deserve a Growth Mindset parenting philosophy rather than practices built upon fixed mindsets.

Hi I am Neha. Welcome to my website. I’m grateful that you are here.

Who am I?

I am a special needs educator by profession and Mom to two beautiful little children. I have been working passionately with children and their families, in the field of child development, special education and empowerment for over 13 years now. I am a co –founder of an NGO that is working for children with special needs. I’m honored to be able to say that through my NGO Sai Sweekar Child development center, we have been able to impact lives of over hundreds of children and their families. Through services ranging from screening, assessments, early intervention, individualized education plans, parent trainings, sibling workshops, language and communications development programs and many more. 

I strongly believe that for me, both these roles – of an educator and of mother, complement each other. Being an educator provided me with understanding of child growth and development, learning psychologies, and various effective methods and strategies of teaching and learning and such. And after becoming a parent I developed an even better insight as an educator. For becoming a parent helped me to be more aware, conscious, and empathic and present person. And I strive to practice both these skillsets in both my roles. I believe in the immense power of self-development and I have strong a quest for learning.


How it started…

So my parenting journey began with “Garbhasanskara” It is a Sanskrit term, that literally means education in womb. But there’s certainly much more to it. I followed Garbhasanskara for both my Kids. It is fascinating to me, how Vedas have emphasized on the importance of right Mindset, from the very beginning of this parenting journey. Along with that I marathoned through many really awesome “What to expect” kind of books, blogs, and podcasts during my pregnancy. However, as the baby was growing, so as my realization that “oh my god! There’s so much more to learn! And know!” I felt unprepared and was always questioning in my initial days of parenting “if I am doing it right”?

Then began a new quest of knowing and making sense of this whole Parenting gig. I used the basis of my formal training as an educator. And also a wide range of parenting books are the important resource and I find my solace in it during rough patches of sleepless nights, cranky days and growth spurts. Having said that it wasn’t that easy. Because when you are a new parent, time and sleep are top most inadequate things on your list. After my second baby, the time and sleep again went on toss for the first few months. Again the book spree started. But going through books was even more challenging with even more tighter and unpredictable schedules.

That’s when the idea of having it all together, in much assessable way, in bite size, actionable way began to fascinate me. It took several months of reading and training and learning new things to put all of this together!

And my second baby is two years now. I worked really passionately to create these digital products that are intended for parents like you!

  • Parents who believe their learning abilities…
  • Parents who believe there’s no such thing as – “know it all”
  • Parents who are bold and smart to seek help in need
  • Parents who believe that their child deserves an uplifting environment
  • Parents who understand when they GROW their child will too!

Parenting is a widely spoken about topic but practically it is ever challenging. While there is a lot of material available online and offline, the information overload is also overwhelming and confusing. After interacting with several children and parents as a special needs professional, I believe that not only every child but also his parents, family and situations are unique. Having said that. I have also realized as a parent that there are some basic yet important elements in child rearing that remain constant irrespective of child’s personality, your parenting style or family situation. And these elements are rock solid pillars that can help you build your parenting structure on it.

My Goal:

I am on a mission to empower 100,000 parents with a Growth Mindset. Help parents to develop a much needed mindset, actionable skill set and confidence in their own learning abilities. There is no fool-proof method of parenting. And there is no such thing as Perfect or Right Parenting. It’s when we see mistakes, set-backs and challenges as learning opportunities, things begin to move and shift. Basically the magic happens when we believe that we can LEARN and therefore get efficient and more skilled through learnt effort. This approach brings in confidence and resilience.

I want every parent to feel empowered with knowledge and to be able to impart that knowledge into everyday doings as a parent. It’s about the journey not destination and it is so true when it comes to Parenting. And that’s why this platform for those who believe in their innate abilities to grow, learn, and become a better person, a better parent!

I want every parent to be in the position to take informed, educated parenting decisions. I want every child to grow up with parents who are self-assured of their choices for themselves and their kids.

I look forward to connect with you.

– Neha