Digital Products Design to Help You Parent With Growth Mindset.

Flagship 3 Day Course

Purposeful Parenting Model

Building blocks of Purposeful Parenting. Self Discovery process as a Parent Proven Goal Setting Formula. Top 4 skills to master. Match your parenting style to your child's personality. Define your personal parenting approach. Elements of happy & healthy childhood.

Eat Play Sleep

Learn about the basis yet crucial pillars of childhood happiness growth and development

Communication Building Blueprint

Building blocks of effective language and communication

Independence Building Formula

Nurture and essential life skill from early years and raise happy, confident and resilient kids.

1-2-1 Clarity Session

It is a private 1-2-1 session.

Self Evaluation

This checklist will help you understand your need and strength areas as a parent.

Positive Discipline Blueprint

This course will lay a foundation and help you set limits positively

Screen Smart Children

Effective ways and screen free activities that help you raise your child in this digital age.

Ultimate Gear Guide

A guide for parents to know what is truely essential and what can help ease the daily life and invest only in those things that matter.