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Hi my name is -Raylet I had a one to one clarity session with Neha Today The topic was -Home schooling my 3 year old I felt -The session was awesome as it picked up points which I never thought about,Nehas indept knowledge and experience in parenting will definitely help all of us My top action points are - 1) Inculcate structured play in my kid 2) Begin Coaching on writing skills I would recommend parents who have kids who have not yet started school because of covid to speak to Neha and get counselling on what can be done in such times.She would suggest you with simple activities which could be useful Thanks 😊
Raylet (Mom of 3 year old)
Hi Neha , about the workshop you arranged last Friday, it was really helpful . The ideas you shared might sound simple to anyone but I never knew it might have such deep meaning and impact on the child . Thank you for sharing those valuable tips.. Looking forward to attend many more informative workshops👍🏻
Tejashri Kalaskar(Mom of 2 & 8 year old)
Thank you for sharing your expertise that's come with experience 🙏
Karishma Kotwani (Mom of 1.5 year old)
Hi my name is -Varsha I had a one to one clarity session with Neha Today The topic was - Behaviour solution I felt -very good My top action points are - child lead activities...I will try and implement ...session was good Thanks Neha😊
Varsha Pathare(Mom of 8 year old)
Hi Neha, Thank you for taking your time to provide insights on very interesting topic which every mom is looking for a suggestion. I liked the way you gave solutions to the each of the scenarios. It was a simple and straightforward answers with not much of efforts we needed to get it implemented in our day to day life. Solution like yes environment, instead of prompting no every time why don’t we say Yes, Safe choices... many more of your opinions were simple and makes to rethink on it Thank you so much.. Definitely a take away session
Shailaja Sivakum(Mom of 1 year old)ar
Hi guys, this is Tejaswini Yogesh J. I had a one to one clarity session with Neha. I just wanted to share my experience. I found the session very insightful. Neha helped us to understand: = Language development phase of my little one (expressive and receptive) = temper tantrums and how to deal with it. I highly recommend these clarity sessions. Looking forward for my next session with Neha.
Tejaswini Yogesh (Mom of 2 year old)
Hi my name is Deepa rai Today I had one to one clarity session with Neha I picked the topic: Time mgt I felt - Happy😃😃relaxed connected My take away are 1.Write down daily schedule 2.What i do in free time
Deepa Rai (Mom of 2 & 8 year old)
Thanks Neha for the insightful session. Great tips, relatable and actionable! Special time, parallel play and no evaluation on play time...these are some tips I will actionize.
Shimona Rudra (Mom of 3 year old)

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